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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

'2012 Detroit Auto Show' Edition: BMW Outsells More Than Other Luxury Brands

This is a special editon post in relation to the DETROIT AUTO SHOW, professionally named North American International Auto Show. Lots of news will be posted about cars because I not only am a fashion buff, but I'm a car buff too!

Check the latest: It's been reported that BMW outsold more than any other luxury brand in the U.S. See the press release below:

The Wall Street Journal reports that BMW and rival automaker Mercedes-Benz both delayed sharing sales figures for December 2011. While most brands released those numbers on Wednesday, BMW and Mercedes held their stats for an extra day. Both knew that they were contenders for the top luxury spot in the U.S., and each wanted the other to announce figures first, in hopes of following up that announcement with a triumphant "We're #1" press release.

It was a very close race -- not as close as Romney and Santorum in Iowa, but still neck-and-neck. In the end, BMW sold 247,907 luxury vehicles over the course of the 2011, while Mercedes sold a couple thousand less, ringing in at a very respectable 245,231. (The race was closer back in May, when the two were separated by just 29 sales.) Both companies' year-end figures represent double-digit increases over 2010.

And Lexus? Lexus came in much further down the chart, at 198,552, more than 13% below 2010.

Wow. And that goes to say that BMW is my favorite of the 'domestic' (sold in the U.S.) luxury brand. It'll be real interesting and uplifting to see the 2012 recovery rate of the auto industry as a whole.

Pic: the car connection; Source: TCC

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