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Monday, January 9, 2012

BEYONCE's Last Maternity Outfit Before Giving Birth To Baby Blue!

As many of you worldwide already know, Beyonce has kept her birthing date and whereabouts a HUGE, HUGE secret. From the gestation of her pregnancy to the birthing place, everything was kept under wraps. I wonder why to such extreme lengths as this:

Beyonce reportedly rented an entire maternity ward floor in a New York hospital to a tune of approximately $1 MILLION usd. No cameras and mobile devices of any type were allowed on that floor. WOW, BABY IVY BLUE (or BLUE IVY) was ballin' even before she left the womb.

Anyway, check out Beyonce's last maternity outfit before giving birth. She was seen wearing low heels, fitted jeans, vintage red Chanel purse, a fancy scarf that seemed to include and complement all of the colors of Bey's outfit.

Man, she was sure rockin' it the WHOLE 9 MONTHS!

Pic: Necole B***hie / Google

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