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Friday, February 24, 2012

I Never Get Tired Of Looking At This Interesting Pic Of Lil' Kim; Reminds Me Of Nicki Minaj!

This picture is a couple months old, but check out Lil' Kim in this promo for her album. If you thought for a second that this was Nicki Minaj, you're HALF-RIGHT because nicki does this kind of thing too, with elongated limbs to mimic a Barbie-esque doll.

Check this other pic of Nicki Minaj for 'Pink Friday':

COOOOL... it's kind of fun to watch these two battle their popularity out. But let's face it, Lil' Kim may have staying power because she's been in the game a while, but Nicki is RULING THE ROOST with her style right now. PERIOD.

Nicki has gone a lot farther in her career...

Pic: Google

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