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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rihanna Gone ROCKER to REGAL At 2012 Brit Awards; What A Change-Up!!

First of all, Rihanna's been rockin' her ROCKER CHICK in the U.S. for the longest time and put ot the filthy track 'Birthday Cake,' and now that she gets over to London for the Brit Awards, she's all DOLLED UP and GLAMMED UP? Maaaaann.... at least I get to see these great looks somewhere.

That is one stunning dress, studded in gold with like-patterned stilettos. The long, brown leather gloves are a nice touch, too.

Showing off her curves: Rihanna showed off some serious skin in this plunging gold sequin number, trumping British stars like Jessie J

Check out a couple looks that she had recently while in London:

Before the BRIT Awards, wearing this jersey knotted dress with heels and matching sheer socks.

Stepping out of a white Maybach 57, headed to a popular London restaurant. Paparazzi was seriously heavy that night...

More photos to come...

Pic: Rihanna Daily / Daily UK

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