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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kim Kardashian Decked Head-To-Toe In Kanye West's Spring & Fall 2012 Line (Paris Fashion Week)

Hmm... looks like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are still hanging out and being great friends. How great?? That's to be determined. But check out Kim Kardashian--who sat front row next to Detroit native Big Sean--wearing head-to-toe KANYE collection!

Kim gushed to the media about how she's loving Kanye's designs and how he knows how to design what women like. She is swathed in this fur cloak, along with suede pants and Kanye's own GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI collabo'ed heels at a staggering $5,800!!!

I'm tryin' to figure out WHERE does it look like those shoes cost almost $6,000! Does it have a jet pack in it?!

Pic: Necole B***hie

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Brenda Nelson said...

I hope you are not offended by my comment, but fur makes me sad. I do not mind leather, or products made from the skins of animals killed for meat, but fur made from young animals only killed for their fur makes me sad. I was recently told that Kanye's fashion line includes coats made from the skins of day old lambs. She certainly is not wearing that, but it is hard to tell what he is wearing in the picture. Heck I live in Canada and I don't even need to wear a fur coat.
Great blog in general... its just a personal thing that I don't like fur.

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