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Monday, June 6, 2011

Justin Bieber's BOSS-LOOKING Zara Jacket At 2011 MTV Movie Awards

Well would you check that out?

The Beeb is becoming a fashion statement for many young boys. this is what I'm talking about... swag at THE TOP RUNG. It's always cool--and a can't-go-wrong--to wear a nice blazer with jeans when one chills with friends on a night on the town.

Just as long as for guys, it's a fitted blazer in which the sleeves can be rolled up or scrunched up. And for ladies, it's an oversized blazer with a contrasting color dress (preferably SHORT) underneath.

Justin Bieber was wearing a blue Zara plush blazer for only $80.
Good look, Justin.

Pic: upscaleHype

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