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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

RIHANNA vs. SELITA EBANKS: Who Wore The Dress Better?

This is a HOTT and SEXY dress by Carlos Miele, worn by Selita Ebanks and Rihanna.

But there's a comparison we must discuss so...

Who looks better in the dress? While some may favor Selita or Rihanna (Selita looks exceptionally well), I'm going to have to split the award right down the middle because these two beauties cancel each other out in their own way.

 For one, check out Rihanna's vibrant and wavy red hair that contrasts with the color and 'detail' of the dress. Also check out Selita's sleek cut that blends well with the color/detail of the dress.

Now I'm asking you again, who wore the dress better?

Pic: YBF

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