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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Party Promoter SLIMM and Amber Rose... Together... and Back In Black

Party promoter SLIMM (Vivica Fox's ex-fiance) and socialite Amber Rose hooked up this past weekend for business purposes only (or so I hear). Both people looked great in their BLACK ensembles.

Slimm wore a black nylon jacket with great accessories like the sunglasses, watch, and cap.

Amber Rose wore 'just the black blazer' (since she wore no pants but the pantyhose) paired with ILL sunglasses. Wait til I get more pics of Amber's outfit... whew...

BLACK is the new BLACK.

Amber Rose - Amber Rose, Kid Capri, Vikter Duplaix, And Cast Celebrate Premiere Of Smirnoff's Master Of The Mix In NYC
(Not the outfit she wore but still nice...)

Pic: MTO/ Zimbio

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