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Sunday, November 13, 2011

'We Found Love' and 'You Da One' Hitmaker RIHANNA Spotted In Daisy Dukes and Garter Stockings!

Rihanna - Rihanna leaves Nozomi Restaurant in London

At time of post, hitmaker RIHANNA is belting out some songs at London's O2 Arena, and while she's doing that, I want to run ONE FUN OUTFIT by you. Isn't this cool?

Rihanna was spotted leaving Nozomi Restaurant, representing the U.S. wearing a stars-and-stripes daisy dukes with imitation garter stockings (THE SHOW-STOPPER).

She also wore a fox-collared denim jacket that pairs well with her shorts (always very important to match denim correctly; never black denim with blue denim or BLEACHED with INKED).

Even the small details are great; less jewelry means more, and Rihanna's curly locks are not overdone and are 'perched' right on top of the fur collar, uninterrupted.

Pic: Zimbio/ MTO

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