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Saturday, April 2, 2011

BEYONCE's Making A Massive Comeback, But These Pics Don't Look Like It, Though...

Beyonce Photo Shoot New Jerz

Fans were a little worried when BEYONCE wore this get-up for a music video, also sporting the "no eyebrows" looks; they really were alarmed. Even as I look at it, my mouth would utter, "What the FREAK is she DOING?!"

But to clear up any worries, Beyonce's above look is a character from the '70s, and will be seamlessly tied into other looks on the upcoming music video, AS WELL AS an unrelated photo shoot for a fashion house, which would explain the feathers and all kinds of crazy.

Can't wait for BEYONCE to make that comeback! "I Am... Sasha Fiece" did so well and made a lasting impression...

Beyonce Photo Shoot In New Jersey
Beyonce Photo Shoot In New Jersey .

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