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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Candid Photos Of The All-Around Beautiful MEAGAN GOOD

MEAGAN GOOD is that girl who never seems to be over-the-top, she's that all-around American girl with worldwide appeal, she's a TOMBOY at heart, a natural actress (Eve's Bayou, most notably 'The Game', and more appearances) and that's why I wanted to share with you candid shots of Meagan.

She's proof that HIGH-FASHION and GLAMOUR doesn't always equal BEAUTY; just being YOURSELF is. I'm captivated by how well she wears her sideswept hair, her leggings-and-boots combo for THREE or FOUR DAYS in a row without it being considered fashionably offensive...

Just see what I mean, just something about her that draws me in, I call her a 'KEEPIN' IT REAL' girl:

Meagan Good - Paris Hilton at the Opening of Eden in Hollywood

 Pic: Various blogs; Google

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