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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Check Out Fash Blogger Allen Onyia, Owner of Blog UPSCALE HYPE (Style)

Photo by @HenroDaGreat

One of my favorite fashion blogs, UPSCALE HYPE, has for the first time landed its own post on my blog. This time, it's all about the owner, Allen Onyia, better known as ALLEN O . This is the first time I've seen his style. Very preppy, forward, all-American, makes his style his own.

I could call it TRENDY, but TRENDY isn't quite the word; FASHIONISTO is, because fashionistas and fashionistos take trendy clothes, flip 'em, and try to stay me. I can include a thrift-store vintage jacket, Urban Outfitters T-shirt, broken-in Levis, monochromatic watch, and my FAV military boots... and there's my LOOK.

Check out Allen's different looks:

I Hit ‘em with the Pink with hints of Tom Ford (eyeglasses & bowtie) for New years

@Posh03 in Versace x H&M, J Brand, YSL, and CĂ©line #TMB

Solo Shot…… s/o to @HenroDaGreat for the pics

Big Ups to you, Allen! Contact me anytime...

Pic: Allen O Tumblr

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