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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rihanna's New Collarbone 'CROSS' Tattoo!!

Rihanna has yet another one.

Sporting about at least 20 or so tattoos (correct me if I'm wrong), Rihanna has another tattoo, this time a small 'cross' on her collarbone. Has she found 'religion'? hmm... perhaps. All of Rihanna's tattoos are not jailhouse but are rather small and are deep in meaning, kind of like mine.

Sidenote: Tattoo artist is BANG BANG in New York

I also like Rihanna's tat and its placement because it can be hid under a necklace for fashion events and can be exposed at another time. On another note, check out the Ray-Bans. CLASSIC.

Pic: Rihanna Daily

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