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Friday, February 11, 2011

ANGELA SIMMONS 'Heard' Me and Toned Hair Down From Bright Blonde!!!

MediaTakeout is known for their crazy news and rumors that most often turn out to be shockingly true, but I can have crazy news of my own. ANGELA SIMMONS dyed her hair bright blonde a few weeks ago, and it was an EPIC NO-NO. Somehow and somewhere on the world wide web, she saw what I (and other people, especially me) said about her hair, and now she toned it down.

It's not her BEST look, but it's a WHOLE LOTTA BETTER than the all-blonde thing. Fist bump to Angela!

Angela Simmons - Undrcrwn Experience At The Palms Hardwood Suite

One of Angela's best looks from 2010.

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