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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Update: 'The Only Jaiden' Promo Pics

I have promo pics for you that represent 'THE JAIDEN BRAND.' That brand represents a select group of people WORLDWIDE who believe that they have an 'alter ego,'  an ego to where they can escape to a deeper state of mind where they can be worth more than they think they are, they are more adventurous, daring, care-free, giving, out-of-box, A COMPLETE 180 from their 'natural self.'

Being in this state of mind is statistically proven to heighten senses and allows one to do have greater human capabilities. 

I imagine a world where I am 'JAIDEN,' a international superhero who helps people in need, inspires and uplifts, can tackle any obstacle, and correct fashion errors all while looking VERY STYLISH -- the only thing that I don't do as a fashion superhero is that I don't wear a superhero suit *LoL*

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