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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nicole Richie: A Petite Fashionista With Big Fashion Sense, Even On "Chill" Mode

Nicole Richie: Home Sweet Home!

Ain't it nice to just chill or go places in the most relaxing clothes and not have a care in the world? If you're thinking sweats and a T-shirt with a hole in it, you need to get a 'JAIDEN' slap*.

YOU CANNOT DO THAT!!! If you're reading this, it's okay to be comfortable but at the same time, look good and presentable; you'll never know who you'll run into. In worst case scenario, it's your ex or your nemesis from high school!!!

Check out Nicole Richie's example, ladies (above pic and below).

Tights, sexy and comfy cross-trainers, tunic or fitted sweatshirt (preferably designer and durable for everyday wear), oversized sunglasses to cover "non-makeup" go A LONG WAY. Trust me, I'm a guy looking at a gal.

nicole richie lax gym 05nicole richie lax gym 04
Photo: JustJared

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