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Friday, February 11, 2011

First Lady MICHELLE OBAMA Drops Jaws In $35 H&M Dress

Peter Kramer/AP

First Lady Michelle Obama *SMH- in a good way* really puts a lot of women to shame just personally letting them know that even though she sits on top of 308 MILLION PEOPLE, there's no need to purchase an uber-expensive dress. Man, she has a style all her own that a lot of women just can't seem to percept.

MICHELLE OBAMA's dress is by H&M for just $35, done right with yellow kitten heels. She talked about her dress in an interview and also conversed about how many women can pull off a look for cheap. I mean if you haven't listened to Michelle, you gotta listen now. Take a lesson from a woman whose husband runs not just a "million-dollar company" but an entire nation.

Check out the dress at H&M; this isn't the first time Obama has rocked H&M.

Here is the original H&M dress, which is currently in stores. The first lady's version was customized with longer sleeves. GettyImages

(Right photo: H&M dress in 2008 campaign trail)

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