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Sunday, April 24, 2011

CAMOUFLAGE FACTOR: Pointer x Comme Des Garcon SHIRT Collection Shoes

Pointer x Comme des Garcons SHIRT Spring/Summer 2011

I have a feeling that CAMOUFLAGE will be making a significant trend in 2011. No, I'm not talking about you scouting out the closets for your dad's old hunting jacket (EWW...), but I'm talking about camouflage used on different pieces of clothing... like SHOES!

Here's an interesting play on words. Company COMME DES GARCON created their SHIRT collection, which gave people, including me, the impression that there were camo shirts that I was going to see... but I was wrong. They were SHOES which were released last month. They look interesting enough to 'peek under' some denim jeans or to be worn with a military jacket or vest that falls around the hues of the camo.

Thumbs Up for this kind of CAMO, even though I don't wear CAMO; I might try a little bit... I like trying different styles to see what suits me best... 

Pic: Style Engine

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