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Monday, April 25, 2011

Fash, Crash, and Burn: Beyonce's Polka Dot Dress

Good morning, I have seen a lot of great outfits worn on Easter Sunday, and then there were some not-so-great outfits. Unfortunately, Beyonce's polka-dot dress found its way onto my 'FASH, CRASH, AND BURN' section.

Usually Beyonce's got her style game on lock, but it just wasn't happening with her Fall 2011 Marc Jacobs two-color polka dot dress (above). The dress was already ugly so I just try to give credit to QUEEN BEY for making the dress look a little better when she flaunted her curves. She was also wearing Christian Louboutin heels, which I definitely ain't mad at...

Update: Well... I guess the dress is GROWING ON ME a little bit...

Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z arriving at the Hotel Fouquet's Barriere in Paris, France.
Pic: UpscaleHype

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