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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

CHRIS BROWN's Very Artistic 2011 Album Cover: F.A.M.E.

CHRIS BROWN should have been at the Grammys yesterday; this whole Rihanna thing is keeping him away. Word on the street is that Rihanna is asking the judge to bring Chris's restraining order to a Level One.

But anyway, check out Chris's newest album cover for the album "F.A.M.E." that will drop March 22nd. I'm a big fan of interesting street art. This album cover could become an instant street art classic. I like the colors and the charcoal and chalk drawing of Chris Brown. The intricate details of the artist(s) who designed the album cover had to be extremely talented. I like how there are mini pics of Chris made up into borders, kind of telling a story.

I give it TWO THUMBS UP.
See pic of Chris Brown's tattoos that include the name "F.A.M.E."

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