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Monday, February 14, 2011

RIHANNA's White Hott 2011 Grammy Gown.... Barely There!


Ladies and gentlemen... welcome to my HUMBLE 'A-POST.' I am still recovering from the 2011 Grammy Awards. Just so disappointed about how a lot of things turned out. As a blogger, I had to stay glued to my plasma HDTV (with all the trimmings, great sound and concert experience) but I still got no BUBBLY FEELING inside due to the seemingly RIGGED results. I felt so violated.

Anyway, it's not my role to judge on the music  but.... GRRRRR... so mad!

I was somewhat sobered to see such beauty from Rihanna in her most revealing Grammy gown YET. Draped in Jean Paul Gaultier, the gown looks as if the white fuzzy streamers could have been used to decorate a Christmas tree. Well, Rihanna is a BEAUTIFUL TREE *wink.* 

Also, GREAT PERFORMANCE for Rihanna, especially while recovering from laryngitis and bronchitis. 'I'm on every med under the sun!' she told Ryan Seacrest. 


Happy Valentine's Day!

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