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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The SWAGG and FUN Young Couple (Didn't they break up?): Brandon Jennings and Teyana Taylor

Yup, on this Spring-ish morning, I wanted to bring y'all some FRESHNESS. There'll be a lot of it going on this weekend, and plus, we're still fresh out of the whole Valentine's thing so I just wanted to bring you a pic of baller BRANDON JENNINGS and rapper TEYANA TAYLOR, in light of All-Star Weekend. Both make a nice couple, and both got their own comfortable swag, dressed down and the bling jewelry.

But I thought they broke up??? Or maybe they're just being friendly-- or being friends with BENEFITS?
*Sideways look*

Both were at an event where multiple retailers had sponsored it; they seemed to really take to the Coldstone Creamery ice cream (I KNOOOOOOWW... I love me some COLDSTONE, too, preferably "Cheescake Fantasy"), an ice cream parlor known for cold confections that just WARM the heart..

Brandon back in the day *LoL- Too Fresh, thumbs up*

Brandon is not known only for his skills but for his "hair swag." He recently cut it off for All-Star Weekend 2011... oh well... maybe he's on his "grown man."

Pic: Slam

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