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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The INCORRECTLY NUMBERED Michael Jordan Statue Mystery

What would make JIMMY KIMMEL buy this for $650? Just to be funny?? Imagine with how much food I can stock my fridge with and buy clothes for $650!! Michael Jordan never wore the number "32" in his career. It was actually "23" for the longest time. Many experts and other people around the world say the switch-up on the numbers was to prevent copyright infringement, when copying a BULLS jersey is actually copyright infringement.

Whatever the REAL news may be, let it come forth. But for the meantime, this misspelled thing just TICKLES ME SILLY...

See more photos and copies--yes, COPIES-- of the misspelled statue around the world:

Left: In a Puerto Rican hospital
Right: In TGI Friday's in Edinburgh, Scotland

THIS is what it's supposed to be!!!
But anyway, speaking of jerseys, they're played out right now. They are confined to ball games ONLY or chillin' on the couch.
They'll come back later...

Pics: Yahoo

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