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Thursday, February 17, 2011

What Our DETROIT TIGERS' Players Drive-- These Whips Are NOT Cheap...

Check it out. This is Detroit Tigers' VICTOR MARTINEZ's whip (slang for "car")that was spotted at the Tigers' Clubhouse, IN PLAIN PUBLIC VIEW. This is a 2010 or 2011 Rolls-Royce Ghost. the Ghost is slotted below the father Phantom, which is so huge inside, it is often called a "rolling living room." The Phantom is priced starting at $380,000, while the Ghost (above) is priced starting at $245,000.

The Ghost is becoming popular among ballers, celebs, and Wall Street brokers since it's more 'sensible' and a more 'humbler' drive. I don't even know if humble's a word because a Rolls-Royce is still a Rolls-Royce.

Martinez's whip most certainly costs more than $245,000 because I can clearly see the custom Rolls-Royce rims, tinted windows, and custom body kit. I would like to know where he got this body kit.
Heyy, he just signed a $50M contract with the Tigers so what's you expect him to get?


Also see JUSTIN VERLANDER's 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia that was there on the same day.


See portfolio of Ferrari 458 Italia below:

Source: DetroitNews/ Jalopnik

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