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Friday, February 18, 2011

JUSTIN BIEBER "Comes Back Alive" After Last Night's CSI Episode -- Looks Sharp, Too

Justin Bieber in Paris

Justin Bieber was spotted looking ALIVE and WELL after the CSI episode he starred in last night (the one he was "killed" in). I'm sure that upset a lot of Bieber fans, even made some faint *LoL*.

Bieber on "CSI"

Well, Bieber was lookin' sharp at his Paris premiere of "Never Say Never" in his purple cardigan, black T, and simple jewelry, something that OMARION should have done a week ago when he was at the pre-Grammys; both had similar outfits, but Omarion added too many accessories. 
See more pics and also check out Bieber's SOON-COMING collaboration with CHRIS BROWN on the song "UP" (from Bieber's " remixed" 2011 album).

Justin Bieber in Paris

Pic: Celebuzz

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