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Monday, February 14, 2011

OMARION: Nice Clothing Pieces, Subpar Execution Into An Outfit

What could have made Omarion look better? Change sweater and shirt color to BLACK, keep the
bowtie, smaller neck jewelry, acne medicine. VOILA!!!!!

Despite what some people thought about Omarion's outfit at the pre-Grammy and the Afterparty as being 'horrible,' 'eye-gouging,' and other quite derogatory words, I do have to give OMARION credit for at least picking out nice individual pieces, like these below that he wore. The Fendi belt is for $410 and the Christian Louboutin Rantus Orlato for $695.
But the execution in putting these pieces all together seemed to ruin the whole look. Simply put: LESS IS MORE. Whenever anyone tries to put on too many colors and try to look flashy, the actual look is 'TACKY,' which was how Omarion looked. Omarion could have done away by wearing more darker pieces (preferably black), allowing JUST THE TWO BELOW PIECES to 'bling' through.

Whenever you have a colorful accessory, NEVER add more than one more colorful piece to your look.

Pic: UpscaleHype

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