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Sunday, February 20, 2011

2011 All-Star Style: Carmelo's Gucci Sweater

Just doin' a fly-by. Carmelo Anthony's GUCCI striped cardigan was a good look on him. It's priced at $1,015. While the Gucci cardigan is a good look on Melo, the rest of the outfit (the jeans in particular) was not a good fit. I can't really put all the blame on Melo because for tall guys, it's kind of a challenge to find jeans that fit properly.

I'm significantly shorter than Melo (I'm 6'0") and sometimes I have a bit of challenge--sometimes falling into a scavenger hunt--to find the right jeans, with the right designs on it that I'm looking for.

Here's a tip for tall guys: make sure that the seat of the jeans fit snugly around your butt, but not too tight, and make sure that the back pockets have "flaps" on them. For some reason, it makes the butt look fuller and the legs shorter, giving you a more refined look.

Note Carmelo's jeans have too much material in the back. It's 'TALL-GUY SYNDROME':
Jeans that form a 'tail' in the back because one tries to find jeans to cover his long legs.

Pic: UpscaleHype

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