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Friday, February 25, 2011

ZOE SALDANA, the Halle Berry 'Understudy'

Zoe Saldana was spotted yesterday lookin' all nice and "INNOCENTLY SENSUAL" as she dressed down in flats, an embroidered leather jacket, '70s jeans, and comfortable-looking henley shirt. This is a GREAT example of how a woman should look even when she's just chillin'. A woman's beauty is important and must always be enhanced with just the right materials.

Hmm.. I think I might do a WOMEN'S LooKBooK for 'The Only JAIDEN' soon. Check out more pics of Zoe Saldana in recent months:


Zoe Saldana Celebrities attending the Max Mara Fashion Show Fall Winter 2010-2011 during Milan Fashion Week in Milan, Italy.

We gotta admit that Zoe is gettin' hotter! She's trying to get it in....

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