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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Only Jaiden Photo Shoot: 'MY UNPREDICTABLE BATTLE'

It's finally here!!! My latest photo shoot that I did with my signature photographer RUFUS SIMS has now reached the web for all (especially supermodels, photographers, and fashion designers, etc.) to see. This guy really captured my vibe, really got the vision that I was looking for.

The theme of my shoot was called 'MY UNPREDICTABLE BATTLE' and the message it aimed to convey was fighting myself to get what I truly wanted: freedom from my own personal bondage and boundaries. My name is Joshua, but my character JAIDEN is a place I escape to and just be FREE. The shoot was simply good work...

...that came with a cold and icy price.

On the day of my photo shoot, there was an unexpected winter storm; I guess Rufus and I should've looked more closely into the weather forecast. That snow came DOWN and was brutal. I know I asked for a scenery of snow on the ground, some ice, and just a mild cold. But let me say, it was all of the above on a GRANDER SCALE. Now I know what veteran models go through.

I was hoping to take a picture by the creek but it was SNOWED OUT. So the talented Rufus Sims and I had to improvise. We did a lot of shots as I was braving the intense cold doing a variety of poses with my frozen hands and feet. But I did my best-- shivering in single-digit wind chills--and Rufus did an EXTRAORDINARY job!

See more pics below, and the remainder on my Facebook account, and visit The Sims Collection's website:

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