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Friday, February 25, 2011

LADY GAGA Does It Again-- 'No Pants' Style and Shoes w/ No Heels

Lady Gaga Sees 'American Idiot' Sans Pants

Lady GaGa really knows how to stir the pot and get people talking. And she did just that by purposely leaving her pants at home, and walking out in 30-degree weather *SMH*. Let's just say that I'm glad she's not a guy doing this, or otherwise in this COLD NEW YORK AIR there will be SHRIIIIIINKAGE involved.

*Sideways Look* I know one thing, if anyone's ever caught in Detroit trying to pull a LADY GAGA, Detroit Police will throw you behind bars for PROSTITUTION... or probably solicit you for a lil' some-some. Hmm... you never know; some of these cops can surprise you. 

Check out more pics of her cleverly wearing no pants.

Lady Gaga Sees 'American Idiot' Sans Pants

Lady Gaga Checks Out 'American Idiot' Sans Pants

*SMH* She might be crazy, but she's killin' the game...

Pic: Celebuzz

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