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Monday, February 21, 2011

DRAKE & RIHANNA Steams Up The Stage Lookin' Hott & Stylish At 2011 All-Star Game

I really, REALLY do think that Rihanna and Drake would make a great couple (well, I'm kinda in the running for RiRi so Drake watch out *LoL*); they're very natural and flirty.

Rihanna celebrated her 23rd birthday yesterday at the 2011 All-Star Game, so it's like she performed at her own party, and tens of millions of people celebrated with her. WHAT A BIRTHDAY TO REMEMBER! Rihanna performed all her #1 hits: "Umbrella," "Rude Boy," "Only Girl," and then..."WHAT'S MY NAME" with Drake! All the flirting, laughing, touching... wish I was on that stage *LoL* but anyway... I'm just here for the fashion.

Rihanna wore an interesting short skirt with strategically placed ruffles that would accentuate her curves and swing with every motion she made. I also liked her sensual bejeweled bodice that was just a dream, especially with her long, flowing red locks looking like a flowing fountain of cool Kool-Aid *LoL* They both did a great job, as Rihanna ended with Kanye West performing in an all-red ensemble (pics coming in a later post) that seemed to have shrunk him *sideways look.*

That's enough talking. See more pics!

Drake and Rihanna
Rihanna and Kanye West 2

Hmmm.. HOTT. Not feelin' the red pants though, Kanye... but I like your vest and shoes.

Rihanna Wild Outfit
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