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Monday, February 21, 2011

MediaTakeout Rates Hottest B-Ball Dressers.. Let's See If I Can Rate Betta!

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The Only Jaiden's Ratings
1) Joe Johnson - 7.5/10 (pants need to be a bit slimmer)
2) Al Horford - 9.0/10 (would be a '10' if he wore wingtips)
3) Chris Paul - 8.5/10 (I actually wore this exact outfit before)
4) Dwight Howard - 5.5/10 (the '.5' is for fun personality)


5) Blake Griffin - 6.5/10 (IDK... he looks 'washed out')
6) Carmelo Anthony - 7.5/10 (It looks a lil' busy and Army-ish)
7)Amar'e Stoudemire - 8.0/10 (he pulled the sneakers off well... like me!)

8) Kobe Bryant - 4.0/10 (Where is your suit, sir? Stop tryin' to stand out.)
9) Chris Bosh - 7.5/10 (Nice execution; jacket is a lil' too snug)
10) Dwyane Wade - 7.5/10 (Why 7.5? He wore this exact outfit before...)
11) Lebron James - 9.0/10 (could have been '.5', but I'm not feelin' the shoes)

12) DeRon Williams - 8.0/10 (No comment; that's actually a good look for him)
13) Derrick Rose - 7.0/10 ('-.5' for spreading feet like that for pics)
14) Rajon Rondo - No rating (Can't see the suit, but nice shades)

So how'd I do? I know I did good...

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