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Friday, February 25, 2011

KESHIA KNIGHT-PULLIAM Photo Shoot With 'Rolling Out' Magazine: Gorgeous!!


Keshia Knight-Pulliam recently did a photo shoot with Rolling Out magazine. I couldn't help but notice --OF COURSE I NOTICED those beautiful legs and smile-- how beautiful, gracious, and calm as a spring air Keshia was.

She has come a long way from her 'Rudy Huxtable' days on The Cosby Show and she still has the sweet, 'cute' look, even though she's all grown up and sexy now as 'Miranda' on Tyler Perry's House of Payne. Keshia did her interview with both Rolling Out and Necole B***hie blog. See excerpts and pictures below:

(FYI: Keshia is wearing Christian Louboutin pumps and slingbacks.)


On Still Being Referred To As “Rudy”

I think it depends on if your glass is half empty of half full. I choose to embrace it and look at it in a positive light. I’ve had the opportunity that very few people have to have a positive impact on a generation of people. People have literally grown up with me. So I understand that when they see me, it’s like, “Rudy!” [laughs] It’s funny because younger kids will see me and go, “Oh, no, that’s Miranda” and their parents are like, “Oh, no, no! That’s Rudy!” [laughs] “The Cosby Show” is still on in reruns, so they’re watching both shows, but the kids don’t realize I’ve grown up and the parents have to explain. It’s an honor. I’m pleased to be able to leave such a legacy of my work behind that people can still enjoy.

-Necole B***hie

You have worked with two of the best: Bill Cosby and Tyler Perry. What are some of the most important things that you learned from them?

With Mr. Cosby, I have such a wonderful foundation in terms of my craft, professionalism, and being with the best of the best. I’m thankful for that because I didn’t learn bad habits. I learned it the best way and the right way. He also taught me to be creative and comedic timing, which is an art form. He and Tyler Perry both are very concerned with the community, what we represent, how powerful the imagery is, and how important it is to have black leadership out there for young boys and girls.
-Rolling Out Magazine


Pic: NecoleB***hie

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