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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

AWW... Suri Cruise Spotted In Fur Coat and clutch purse; Willow Smith's not the only FASHIONISTA

Suri Cruise in Vancouver

Suri Cruise, of Tom Cruise and Katie Holms, was spotted looking very cute and fashionable with her little fur coat and clutch purse. These little kids nowadays with her brand-names and attitude, they just ain't raise them like they used to *SMH* When I have children--well, I'll probably buy them stuff like this--I won't spoil them too much... I think. But I think it's so adorable (I have a natural heart for kids, hence my youth foundation) when kids dress like this.

But anyway, see more pics of cute little Suri visiting her daddy in Vancouver, Canada (on set of M.I. 4) :

Suri Cruise in Vancouver
Suri Cruise in Vancouver

Work it, lil' Suri!!

Pic: Celebuzz

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